Brasseler USA provides warranties on our handpiece products against defects in materials and workmanship that range from 6 months to 3 years based on the individual item and date of original invoice. Please contact your Brasseler representative to verify that your product is still covered by a warranty.

Types of Warranties

Manufacturers Warranty: A manufacturers warranty covers handpieces that require service and are still within their predetermined warranty period. There will be no charge to the customer for the cost of labor, parts or shipping. The product is subject to evaluation to determine cause of failure and if product was misused or neglected. Date of handpiece purchase will also be verified to determine and validate the warranty.

Repair Warranty: A repair warranty covers repairs performed by Brasseler Technicians with genuine Brasseler components. Under most conditions, customer will not be charged for cost of parts, labor or shipping.

Paid Repairs: A paid repair is for items outside of the manufacturers warranty period and is not covered by a repair warranty. Standard fees will be charged for parts, labor and shipping. Once the repair complete, the equipment will receive a Repair Warranty for a period based on the type of equipment repaired.

Evaluation Fee: A non-negotiable $35.00 evaluation fee will be charged to customers for each handpieces evaluated that is outside of a warranty period. This fee will be put toward the labor cost for most approved repairs.

To begin your repair request, click here to fill out the Service & Repair Form or call 800.841.4522, ext. 4675 to reach Brasseler USA Handpiece Customer Service.

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