Recovering a lost or forgotten password

Go to and then click on “Forgot Password” and the pop-up screen will display. Enter ‘Email address’, check the box ‘I’m not a robot and then click on ‘Reset Password’

The 'reset password' instructions will be emailed to the email address you have provided.

What if that doesn’t work?


If the forgot password feature does not work for you, please contact our customer support team at 1-800-254-6456. You can use the Chat feature on the website to contact our support team immediately, or you can enter a new support ticket. If you use the chat feature, please select "eCommerce Account and Login Help" as the subject for your chat. If you need to enter a ticket, the support ticket page can be found here:

An account is locked out of my Online Shopping Account 

Users who make 5 sequential failed login attempts will be locked out for a period of 5 minutes. After the 5-minute period has expired, the User has 5 more attempts to log in.