To begin your repair order you can visit our Service & Repair page or contact our Handpiece Customer Service at 1-800-841-4522 x1203.

In order to obtain your Repair ID Number to track your repair you will need:

1. Your account number/office phone number

2. Model name and complete 8 digit serial number for each handpiece

3. Complete description of the problem for each handpiece

4. A valid email address to receive your UPS LABEL

5. Any other pertinent information; e.g., return address, credit card info, etc.

Once you receive your Repair ID Number you will need send your handpiece(s) to Brasseler USA Repair Dept using these instructions.

1. Sterilize each piece of equipment according to the operation manual.

2. Pack equipment in sturdy box with plenty of padding to handle shipping to our facility. (DO NOT package equipment in paper or bubble envelopes).

3. Place repair ID Number or office information inside the box in case the outer shipping label becomes damaged.

4. Use the provided shipping label to ship equipment to Brasseler USA for repair.

All equipment sent in to our repair department without prior notice are subject to standard evaluation and will be repaired automatically to the manufacturers standards.

To request a quote, update on a repair or other inquiries contact our Handpiece Customer Service at 1-800-841-4522 x4676.

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