How do I enroll in the program?
You can sign-up for SmartRewards online at Shop.BrasselerUSA.com

Who is eligible for the program?
 SmartRewards from Brasseler USA is a loyalty program open to our private practice customers. You must have a current Brasseler customer number and web account in order to enroll in the program.

Does it cost anything to become a member?
 No! Enrollment into SmartRewards is complimentary.

Earning Points

How do I earn points?
 Once enrolled in the program, you will earn points on every eligible purchase placed online, with your sales representative, or with our inside account managers. Purchases will automatically be credited to your SmartRewards account once your items have been shipped.

The number of points earned is based on the member’s SmartRewards tier at the time of order placement. For example, a Silver customer will receive points at a 2.5% rate. On a $100 purchase, that member would earn 2.5 points.

Can I bank my points?
 Yes, you can accumulate points until you decide it is time to redeem them for dollars off your order.

How long are points valid?
 Points are valid for 180-days after they are awarded. For example, if a member earned 50 points on March 1, 2020, the points will expire by August 28, 2020 if the points are not used.

Redeeming Points

How do I redeem points?
 Rewards points are only redeemable online. To redeem points, first log into your online account. During checkout, apply your points for a discount off your order. You may redeem some or all of your available points for a discount of up to 50% of your order subtotal. Points can be redeemed at any interval. 1pt = $1 discount

What items do not qualify for redemption?
 Most products are eligible for point redemption. However, taxes, recurring SmartSupply orders, and shipping fees are excluded.

Can I use points with other offers?
 Most offers can be combined with a points redemption; however specific offers may be excluded.

Can I transfer my points to another account?
 No, SmartRewards points are not transferable. They are accrued per office and cannot be transferred to a parent account or additional office account for redemption.