Introducing Brasseler USA’s Direction™ Preferred Partners Program.

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Other rewards programs give too little, too late. They only rebate a small percentage of your purchase and only after you meet specific criteria. 

Brasseler USA Direction program offers a substantial amount of free product up front, when you enroll. You will also receive ongoing savings via preferred pricing that's specifically created for you. 

How does it work?

1. Select any Brasseler USA product(s) you wish to receive free, upfront, when you enroll. We ask that you request at least $1,000 retail value in product(s).

When you enroll, your representative will work with you to establish competitive, preferred pricing on our products. This guarantees you preferred pricing in our system, regardless of quantity or how you order (online, phone, fax or via your representative).

2. Purchase the same dollar amount* that you purchased from Brasseler USA during the prior 12 months.


Redirect instrument purchases amounting to two and a half times the value of your up-front, free product(s) to Brasseler USA. You’re not spending more; you’re simply redirecting routine instrumentation purchases from another brand to Brasseler USA.

*Excluding any handpiece purchases you may have already made.

Download the Direction Brochure for more information and visit our Direction Page to submit a request for your local sales representative to contact you. 

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